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The lesser known relationship between oral care and heart disease

Recently a new campaign has been released to promote the interrelationship between one's oral care and cardiac health. Individuals with gum disease should be made aware that they can also be of higher risk of developing cardiac diseases. This aims to focus on educating people about not only this correlation but also steps in preventing and treating its related issues.

So what is the connection between the two?

Gum diseases entail inflammation of the gums. Growth of bacteria in this area can lead to narrowing of important arteries, eventuating in cardiovascular diseases. Recent research conducted revealed that gum disease can increase a person’s risk of heart disease by 20 percent.

Now that we have briefly discussed the relationship between these two issues. How can you protect your gums? To help with answering this question, our team at Relax Dental and Facial Care have summarised a few recommendations below:

Regular brushing and flossing

- Experts recommend brushing your teeth using a soft bristled brush and circular motions for 2 minutes twice a day. In combination of this flossing daily helps to remove bacteria and build up between teeth.

Regular dental appointments

- Getting your teeth checked and cleaned at the dentists every 6 months will aid in early detection of any gum or dental issues. Discovering issues early on often means that there are more treatment options to select from. In addition to this, dentists help to remove plaque or build up during routine appointments that you may not be able to get rid of at home.

It is also important to note that while gum disease can increase risk of cardiovascular issues, there are other risk factors that can contribute to this. These include, lack of exercise, smoking, and a diet high in saturated fats.

If you have any questions surrounding this topic or would like to schedule an appointment, please contact the clinic on 9877 9706.

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