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Custom Night Guards to Stop Your Teeth Grinding While You Sleep
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Nocturnal teeth grinding – known medically as “sleep bruxism” – is the clenching or grinding of the teeth during sleep. Sleep bruxism is a relatively common problem. Occasional bruxism may not be harmful, but if it occurs regularly then it may wear or loosen the teeth, and may be associated with moderate to severe dental damage, facial pain, and disturbed sleep.

Sleep bruxism may also leave you to wake up with a severe headache, earaches, or jaw pain. Left unaddressed it can lead to jaw joint disorders, to daytime tiredness from disturbed sleep patterns. To address these issues, a teeth grinding night guard can be moulded to your teeth to prevent your teeth from grinding as you sleep.

Teeth Grinding Night Guards Moulded in Minutes, Delivered in Days


Our night guards are custom moulded to each patient to ensure a perfect, comfortable fit. Moulds of the teeth are taken by our dentists here in the clinic. This takes just 10 minutes. The mould is then sent off to our highly qualified dental lab technicians. Days later, the final product is returned, ready for patient use.

We offer two models of night guard: hard and soft. Selecting between these two models depends entirely on the patient’s preference, and the severity of the grinding. We tend to recommend the soft model for children. The soft night guard tends to wear faster than the hard night guard, but the rate of wear also depends on the severity of the teeth grinding habit. We find it typical that once a patient has reached adulthood and his or her mouth has stopped growing, there will be no need for a later replacement teeth grinding night guard due to wear.

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