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Adult tooth growing in behind baby tooth?

The most common question we receive from parents is what to do when they notice an adult tooth growing out while a baby one is still there. When this happens, we call it shark teeth. This happens when the baby tooth takes longer to fall out. Because of this, the adult tooth can grow behind it, giving your child two rows of teeth. Shark teeth most commonly occur for children aged 6-7 years and can happen for upper and lower teeth.

Often, this does not require treatment. If a new permanent tooth has not come in all the way and the baby tooth is slowly getting looser, the issue is likely to resolve itself and the baby tooth will fall out in time.

However, if the new tooth continues to grow and the baby one does not loosen it would be worthwhile to schedule in to see one of our dentists. At an appointment, the dentist will be able to have a look at your child’s tooth and recommend if any treatment is necessary. This can include extracting the baby tooth so that the permanent one can move forward into the correct place.

To schedule an appointment or receive further information, contact the clinic on 9877 9706.

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