Dentists guide to surviving Halloween!

With Halloween quickly approaching, the sugary treats are about to make an appearance. As health professionals, dentists know that Halloween is about candy, dressing up and having fun. So rest assured we are not here to take away all your goodies! It's okay to enjoy this festivity and splurge a little. As long as you’re brushing and flossing your teeth well all year round.

We all know that too much sugar is not good for your health and can contribute to cavities. So to help you sort through the trick-or-treat bag this year, our dentists have provided a rundown on some common types of lollies and things you should be aware of for each.


This is probably the most common kind of treats given out on Halloween. This is actually a good thing, as experts find chocolate to be one of the better candies because it washes off your teeth easier than other types. The best kind is dark chocolate as this also has less sugar than milk chocolate!

Sticky and Gummy Candies

Try to limit these as they are some of the worst lollies for your teeth. Sticky treats are harder to remove and may even stay longer on your teeth. This gives cavity causing bacteria more time to work

Hard Candy

These are also ones to watch out for on Halloween as they can actually cause cracks or even break your teeth if not careful! These candies are often kept in your mouth for longer to allow them to dissolve. This gives more time for the sugar to get into your saliva and wash over your teeth.

Sour Candy

Try to limit these if you can ! Sour candy can be very acidic. This can weaken and damage the outer layer of your teeth, making it more vulnerable to cavities.

So make sure to keep up with your oral health during this spooky time. For more information or to schedule an appointment please contact the clinic on 9877 9706.

Happy Halloween from our team at Relax Dental and Facial Care!