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The Dangers of DIY whitening

We have all seen the new options for whitening our teeth, LED lights, charcoal toothpastes, whitening pens, the list could go on. These products are often endorsed by celebrities on social media, being marketed as cheap and convenient options to brightening your smile. However, while these products are widely advertised many people are unaware of the dangers they come with.

Australian Dentists have raised their concerns regarding the increasing number of patients coming in with chemical burns and ulcers after using some of these DIY whitening options. Many companies have also come out with UV whitening kits, flooding our social media platforms with the support of various influencers. What isn’t attached to these posts so some of the dangers associated. Researchers have found that these using UV kits can lead to stomach problems, mouth infections, toothaches, gum-shrinking and nerve damage. Uneven spread of bleach can also lead to spotted or patchy teeth.

Charcoal toothpastes and powders have recently become more popular. However, these products are abrasive and can scratch off the protective layer of your teeth. This can leave your teeth bare and at a higher risk of cracks and further damage. Research also shows that activated charcoal can also absorb fluoride, eliminating its usual purpose of strengthening your teeth.

Dentists agree that teeth whitening, whether it be in-chair treatments or professional at home kits should always be carried out by them. So next time you see one of the endless DIY whitening kits., be mindful of the risk and dangers that may not be advertised alongside them.

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