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What are Dento-Facial Practitioners?

A dentist doing facial injectables? This may sound like an odd match, but what many might not know is that this is actually a combination for success.

More recently, healthcare providers have grown to understand the importance of taking a more holistic approach to patient care to achieve the best results. For Dentists, this means the treatments they offer may expand outside of teeth and gums. Dentists have vast experiences and knowledge regarding the facial region creates a great foundation in providing facial rejuvenation treatments and therapies for patients. With comprehensive training, Dentists are now able to offer a range of facial treatments, from Anti-wrinkle injections to dermal fillers and micro needling. This ensures the patient’s Dento-facial health and the best aesthetic results.

This new approach trains Dento-Facial Practitioners in providing holistic, preventive and conservative treatment in a safe and hygienic clinical environment. Dentists expertise are a great fit for facial treatments as they ensure strong and healthy teeth and gums which blend seamlessly with the facial treatments enhancing the external soft tissues, with the most natural results.

At Relax Dental and Facial Care, Dr Amir provides a free 15 minute consultation to recommend the best products and treatments for each patient’s needs. For more information, contact our clinic today!

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