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How to keep your gums healthy

Having good oral health is more than just your teeth. It also means taking great care of your gums as well! While your teeth can be free from any cavities, build up of plaque in and around the gums can also lead to gum disease. Since gum disease doesn’t cause pain, people often don’t know they have it. Some signs of gum disease are persistent bad breath and/ or swollen red gums. People often give little thought to their gum health, however there are many simple ways to prevent gum disease.

This includes:

Flossing and Brushing (Using fluoride toothpaste)

Brushing your teeth twice a day for at least two minutes each time helps to remove plaque build up. While doing this it is also important to remember to brush on a 45 degree angle for the most effective clean. Daily flossing also assists in removing build up in between your teeth! In addition to this using antibacterial mouthwash can help to prevent plaque regrowth.

Having regular dental cleanings

It is recommended to visit your dentist biannually for a checkup and clean. Having these regular appointments is great to get feedback from your dentist on the effectiveness of your current oral health routine as well as detecting decay and other issues as soon as possible. So be sure to book in to your 6 month appointment with one our dedicated dentists at Relax Dental and Facial Care!

Gum disease is easily preventable simply by having effective oral care techniques. So don’t forget to incorporate these simple tips into your own oral health routines and keep that smile happy and healthy!

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