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When should my child first see the dentist?

Dental care is important for people of all ages. For parents it is a particularly exciting time when your child's first tooth comes in. This is also a great indication of when you should book your child in for their first dental appointment. However, dental health is not just limited to the health of your teeth, it also involves taking care of your gums, lips and the inside of the mouth. Therefore, if your child has reached 12 months and is yet to get their first tooth in it is still wise to book them in to see one of our dentists. During your child’s first appointment our dentists may discuss effective brushing techniques and oral health care tips that you and your child can implement in your everydays.

It is normal for your child to show signs of anxiousness when going to the dentist. However, your child’s first dental appointment does not have to be a stressful experience! Prior to going to the dentist, you could ‘play dentist’ with your child, where you could count their teeth and explain what a dentist does. This can help your child grow accustomed to what they may need to do during a dental appointment. Additionally, It is important to avoid telling your child that going to the dentist won’t hurt or that it will. This will help your child think of going to the dentist as being a neutral experience rather than something to fear. It is also important to not show any fear or anxiousness yourself as your child may detect this and become nervous themself.

Following these simple tips can help to create a stress free experience for your child. It is also highly recommended to book your child in to see a dentist every six months. Prevention is better than a cure, hence regular dental checkups can protect your child from tooth decay and help maintain their overall dental health. With school holidays on the way, there is no better time to book your child in for an appointment with one of our dentists!

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