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Tips for Teething

Teething is a normal part of development that occurs pretty early on. A baby’s first tooth appears around 6 months but can occur anywhere from 3 months to one year. During this time you may notice more frequent crying, drooling, red cheeks or problems sleeping. You may also notice that your child won’t want to eat or try to bite anything they can.

This can be a stressful time for not only the child but parents as well. Teeth are growing through their gums for the first time, so as you can imagine it is not the most comfortable experience! Our team at Relax Dental and Facial Care understand this and have curated some tips which can help ease the discomfort:

  • Gently rubbing the gums with a cool, wet washcloth or a clean finger

  • Give your baby a teething ring to chew on. (make sure it is firm and not filled with liquid to ensure durability)

  • Try cool/ soft foods (e.g. apple sauce or yoghurt)

  • If it helps, use a bottle. But make sure to only fill this with water as formula, milk or juice can lead to tooth decay

For more information or to schedule an appointment with one of our children’s dentists please contact the clinic on 9877 9706!

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