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Benefits of Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are designed to enhance your natural beauty. Thanks to the internet, there is no shortage of information out there. However, this can make it difficult to know where to look. This is why we have curated all the information you should know about fillers. First, it is important to understand the difference between Dermal Fillers and Anti-wrinkle Injections. As its name suggests fillers smooth out skin by filling wrinkles, whereas anti-wrinkle injections ‘freeze’ muscles to reduce wrinkles.

Dermal Fillers also have many benefits, such as:

1. Immediate results

It is rare for a treatment to have immediate results AND limited disruptions to your daily life. But with dermal fillers you could have both! , Results from dermal fillers can be immediate with changes in appearance being noticed straight after the treatment. The procedure itself usually takes only 10 minutes, however this does depend on the number of areas being treated. After that, there is no recovery time necessary! So you can return to your daily life without another delay!

2. Natural look

Results from this treatment are subtle yet effective giving you a refreshed look. As we age, skin loses its collagen and fat. Fillers help counteract these effects, providing plumpness for that youthful glow and complexion.

3. Supports skin health

Not only does this treatment stimulate more collagen growth in the body, it also has the added benefits of hydrating and revitalising your skin. Dermal fillers contain Hyaluronic Acid which is naturally found in skin. This gives it the ability to moisturise your skin, giving it that fresh look. Dermal fillers are long lasting but not permanent, with effects lasting for 6-12 months. They are also biodegradable, meaning that they are able to naturally disappear in the body after this time.

4. Versatile

Can be for various areas on your face: eyes, cheek, jaw, including your lips. Dermal fillers are good for increasing volume and plumpness of the lips. This treatment also helps to soften the look of wrinkles around the mouth.

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