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Why should I use an interdental brush

Cleaning in between teeth and around your gums is a crucial part of an effective oral care routine. Flossing is one of the most well known ways of doing this, but an interdental brush is a great alternative!

As its name suggests, interdental brushes are small brushes with bristles held together by a wire. They are usually thin, round or cone shaped and come in different sizes to fit comfortably between everyone's teeth. Similar to a toothbrush they should be rinsed in between uses and can be used until the bristles become worn or the wire is bent.

This tool is extremely helpful for people who may find flossing hard. This is great for people with:

  • Braces

  • Reduced mobility

  • Spaces between their teeth

When using the brush, insert it slowly into the gaps within the gum and teeth rather than the teeth itself. To make it easier for the back teeth, the wired tip can be bent to your desired angle. It is also recommended to use a mirror when using the brush to check the direction you are inserting it in.

It is important to pick the right size for you. This means selecting the size that suits the condition of your gums and the locations for use. Choose an interdental brush that you can insert smoothly between your teeth, without it feeling tight. When first using these brushes, start with the smallest size to prevent any injuries.

If you do not know how to use an interdental brush or are having trouble picking the right size for you, ask one of our dentists at Relax Dental and Facial Care at your next appointment!

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