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How to get your child to brush their teeth!

School holidays are here! This is the perfect time to check how your children's oral health habits are tracking. Are they brushing twice a day? How well are they brushing? These are both important things to check in on!

We know that it can sometimes be difficult to get your younger children to take initiative when it comes to their dental health. Here's a few fun tips to help get your kids to WANT to brush well and on their own!

Set a good example

Children love copying what their parents do, so why not let them copy your tooth-brushing routine. Try brushing and flossing your teeth with your child, making it a part of your family’s everyday routine!

Start Early

Experts have found that if you introduce flossing and brushing at a young age, kids will start to feel yucky if they don’t do it. This helps children take initiate of their oral health, normalising great brushing and flossing habits. Having a great routine from a young age

Make it a game

Experts recommend brushing for 2 minutes twice a day for optimal results. Using a timer or your child’s favourite song can help achieve this!. Free apps such as Brush DJ play tunes in your library for two minutes as well as setting reminders for brushing, flossing and even dental visits.

Choose the right tools

Try different flavours of toothpaste! Not all toothpastes taste the same and there are ones that are suitable for certain ages. Toothpastes for older kids are quite minty and often disliked. Check with one of our dentists to find out good alternatives.

For more tips or to book your children in for their 6 monthly appointments, call us today on 9877 9706. Our school holiday appointments are guaranteed to fill up, so get in quick!

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