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Dental tips for Easter

Easter is quickly approaching and we all know what that means, endless chocolate and sweet treats everywhere! The Australian Dental Association (ADA) asks that all families use moderation when enjoying their Easter treats and remember to take care of their teeth.

Here are some tips to keep your kid’s teeth as healthy as the Easter Bunny’s:

  • Have a sugar break the week before and after Easter to make up for the increase in sugar during the festivities

  • Avoid snacking between meals and restrict sweets to during meal times

  • Be way of snacks that are marketed as ‘healthy’ but are in fact high in sugar, for example dried fruit, fruit juice, breakfast cereals, flavoured milk etc

  • Ensure that your children brush their teeth really well during this time. This means twice a day and for two minutes each time.

  • Try minimise the sweets by providing alternatives such as games, toys or books. There are many other ways to have fun during Easter!

As Professor David Manton, Chair of the ADA’s Oral Health Committee would say…

“Easter is fun, but tooth decay is not”

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