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Brushing your child's teeth

Maintaining good oral care is important even before your child has their first teeth. While most babies don’t start getting their teeth until about 6 months, it is still necessary for parents to implement oral care techniques.

After birth, it is a good idea to start cleaning your baby’s gums to get them used to the daily routine of having their mouth cleaned just like any other body part. You can do this by wiping your baby’s gums well a few times a day before their first tooth appears. This can be done using a clean, damp face cloth or gauze, helping to remove excess food stuck around their mouth.

For most babies, their teeth begin to grow at 6 to 10 months. As soon as the first tooth arrives, it is important for you to clean them twice a day. If your baby doesn’t mind, you can use a small, soft toothbrush which is made for children under the age of two. Use only water on the toothbrush until your baby is 18 months or as recommended by your dentist. Once your child is 18 months, you can begin to use a pea- sized amount of low fluoride toothpaste on the toothbrush.

For more information, book in to see one of our friendly dentists today.

It's never to early to take care of your teeth, and for your children, the first steps begin with you!

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