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Tooth sensitivity

Have you ever been enjoying some ice cream and felt some slight discomfort or pain in your teeth? This is most likely a sign of tooth sensitivity. The structure of a tooth is made up of four dental tissue layers. These being the enamel, dentin, cementum (hard tissue) and the pulp. Tooth sensitivity results from the outermost layer (enamel) being worn down, exposing the dentin. This is most commonly caused by brushing your teeth or gum line too hard or the over consumption of acidic foods. Other causes may include, grinding your teeth at night or gum recession.

Good oral hygiene is key in preventing tooth sensitivity. This includes appropriate brushing and flossing techniques and using low abrasive toothbrushes. A balanced diet limiting consumption of acidic foods can also help to prevent tooth sensitivity.

Treating mild cases of tooth sensitivity can be done using toothpaste specifically made for sensitive teeth and alcohol free mouthwashes which cause less irritation to the teeth. It is also important to book in regular appointments with your dentist in order to check if there are any potential problems such as cavities which are causing the sensitivity.

Regular cleans and checkups are recommended to help maintain and optimise your oral health. So don’t forget to let one of our dentists know if you have any tooth sensitivity at your next appointment, there is a lot we can do to help!

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