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Tips to get your child to maintain their dental health

Tooth decay is one of the most common health problems for children. As a parent you may find yourself constantly reminding your children to brush their teeth. They may tell you that brushing their teeth is boring and that they cannot be bothered. However, having effective dental care techniques are essential to protecting your teeth from decay. Incorporating brushing and flossing in their everyday routines can be difficult, so here are a few simple tricks to help your child take initiative when it comes to their dental health.

For younger children, try making the routine of brushing and flossing into a game. For optimal cleaning of the teeth experts recommend that brushing should be done for 2 minutes morning and night in order to get rid of plaque. You may turn this into a challenge between you and your child to see who can brush for the longest. There are also Apple and Android apps such as Brush DJ and Star Teeth which use song and dance to help make the two minutes more fun. Similar to this, purchasing a singing toothbrush from your local supermarket is another which may help to get your child more excited about brushing twice a day. Different flavours of toothpaste are also an option for some picky children.

While fun activities can be effective it is also important to set a good example for your child. Making brushing teeth into a family activity can help make Through this, your child may show more willingness to participate in this routine as a part of a family.

At Relax Dental Care we have also formulated a brushing and flossing chart which can help your child keep on track with their dental health! Similar to a colouring in book, your child can colour in the chart as they brush their teeth morning and night. So don’t forget to pick up a flossing and brushing chart at your next appointment!

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