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Bruxism or teeth Grinding

Bruxism also known as teeth grinding or nocturnal grinding is a common problem suffered by many people. It is involuntary teeth clenching and grinding that happens during the night but some people experience the teeth grinding when they are awake as well. It is usually triggered by emotional or physical stress, anxiety, medication, incorrect tooth alignment, hereditary factors or drug misuse. Bruxism can result in severe headache, jaw pain, tooth wear, cracked or chipped tooth and facial pain and stiffness etc. There are different conventional methods to treat Bruxism which includes dental guards, known as night guard, repair of damaged tooth, change in medication or stress management therapy. Recently new research has shown that the muscle relaxant injections (same as the ones used as cosmetic anti-wrinkle injections) could be an alternative treatment to help with Bruxism. Treatment is included a small dose of these muscle relaxants directly into the muscles responsible for the grinding (usually the Masseter muscle) which weakened the muscle enough to relax the tension and stop the involuntary grinding and clenching of the jaw. This treatment last for 3-6 months and is always advised to have repeated treatments. This treatment is safe and best be done by a skilled dentist in field of Neuromuscular Dentistry (TMJ pain) or facial aesthetic (such as anti-wrinkle injections). If you are having problem with grinding and clenching, contact us on 9877 9706 for a consultation with our facial and dental practitioner to determine if any of these treatments (Night Guards, muscle relaxant injections,...) would work for you!

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